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going on strike

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be protesting again. This time, I get to do it from the warmth of my home rather than marching around the Wisconsin state capitol like last year. Patrick Nielsen Hayden explains (and links) it all here. And, lifted directly from Boing Boing because I couldn’t say it any better, this is why (emphasis original):


[...] I don’t think that any amount of “piracy” justifies this kind of depraved indifference to the consequences of one’s actions. Big Content haven’t just declared war on Boing Boing and Reddit and the rest of the “fun” Internet: they’ve declared war on every person who uses the net to publicize police brutality, every oppressed person in the Arab Spring who used the net to organize protests and publicize the blood spilled by their oppressors, every abused kid who used the net to reveal her father as a brutalizer of children, every gay kid who used the net to discover that life is worth living despite the torment she’s experiencing, every grassroots political campaigner who uses the net to make her community a better place [...].

The contempt for human rights on display with SOPA and PIPA is more than foolish. Foolishness can be excused. It’s more than greed. Greed is only to be expected. It is evil, and it must be fought.

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