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WisCon 31

Everybody but me probably already knows about this, but just in case, here it is: Take a few minutes to vote on program ideas for WisCon 31. There are some fantastic ideas on the list, and it only takes a few minutes to read through them and vote on them.

The ones I'm really hoping will end up on the program are:

Entering the Labyrinth
An examination of young girls on the brink of adolescence entering threatening fantasy worlds: moving from Alice, Wendy and Dorothy, to young Ofelia in "Pan's Labyrinth
Suggested by: Beverly Friend

The Past Colors the Present: Mothers and Daughters A few years ago, I was driving with 5 fantastic women. By sheerest accident, we discovered that none of our mothers liked us. I've been haunted by it ever since: is it sampling error or a driving force? Are father-daughter relationships weaker? Did moms' disfavor spark us to find our own identities? Was it emotional distance from a toxic person? Does anything change after mom dies? What does it mean for our relationship with our daughters, nieces, and other young women? (Note to programming: may I possibly ask the other people in the car if they want to be on this panel and front-load the panel?) (Amy Hanson)
Suggested by: Lori A. Selke

Third Culture Kids
Not everyone is born in the one country and then grows up there. Some are born in one country than grow up in another and then return to find themselves out of synch with both places. What is it like to a third culture kid and where can we find ourselves in sf/f? Is Temeraire of the Naomi Novik novels a third culture kid?

Just how smart are animals, anyway?
Did you know that dogs laugh, and wolves can count? Elephants and dolphins recognize themselves in mirrors; ravens display senses of humor; bears have figured out how break into practically every food container designed to keep them out; and cuttlefish apparently communicate by changing color. What do we really know about animal cognition and communication... and what, if anything, sets humans apart?
Suggested by: Jackie M.

A Room Of Your Own
Deb Mensinger helps you create space for yourself out of a wet basement, a hot attic, or a shed. She's un-stumpable. There's no problem too tough that our beloved master carpenter can't figure out a solution. (Amy Hanson) Suggested panelist: Deb Mensinger. (Amy notes this was a LR previously "and was fantastic.")
Suggested by: Lori A. Selke

The Sensuality of Writing and Writing Sensuality
This panel will explore the physicality of writing and its connection with the words, phrases, and ideas of sensation in literature. For instance, some argue that they write in definable, different ways when writing on a computer versus paper versus an antique typewriter. Some authors claim that they use different pens for different pacing in a story or novel. All authors are concerned with the portrayal and evocation of sensuality in their work, but how does this assembling of words using specific writing tools influence the work itself? Note that while the topic of eroticism will inevitably come up, the erotic is only a very small part of sensuality. Give us the good, the bad, the comfortable, the painful. Let's explore how our senses influence us and how our portrayal of the senses is influenced by the physical act of writing itself.
Suggested by: Forrest John Aguirre
Equipment needed: Unknown - it would be great to have an old, clunky typewriter, a newer typewriter, a laptop, a whiteboard, and various pens and paper to do an object lesson at the beginning.

Writing as Spiritual Practice
Convention panels on writing tend to focus either on the craft of fiction or on the business aspects of being a writer. For many of us, writing's also part of our spiritual practice. Let's talk about it! How are writing and spirituality connected? Do fantasy and science fiction lend themselves more naturally to spiritual expression than, say, writing computer manuals would -- or vice versa? How do the spiritual aspects of writing intersect with the artistic and business aspects? (Susan Palwick)
Suggested by: Lori A. Selke

There are plenty of other great program ideas too -- check them out and vote for the ones you'd really like to see on the program.

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