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Another job posting

I've redacted this job posting a bit, because I could be wrong about my assumptions:

Job Description: Writing articles for websites

Payment: Industry standard.

To Apply: Research and write about any one of the following topics:

[Insert list of several specific, technical topics here.]

First of all, who defines what "industry standard" is? And more importantly, whose industry, and from what country? If they're going to pay me the industry standard for writers in, oh, say India, there's no way I will take that kind of pay. I know American companies farm out work to India for peanuts -- and they justify it by saying they're doing the Indians a favor by paying more than a non-American company would.

Let's just assume that "industry standard" is actually a decent rate though. Next, I'm supposed to research and write an article for this company, for free, as my application? They don't want to see my resume, clips, or even a list of publications I may have written for before -- they just want me to provide free content for their web site? Yeah. The reply address is a foreign e-mail address, where my copyright may not be so well-protected. What's more, the address is from a free e-mail provider, not from their own web site. Their web site is never mentioned in the ad, so if they did steal my work, I'd have no way of knowing.

I don't think so.



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Nov. 26th, 2005 07:13 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that does seem rather odd... and I definitely agree with your reaction. I mean that would be like someone posting a job for an interpreter and saying the pay was "national standard" ... *coughs* there is no national standard.. it changes EVERYWHERE you go! =)
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