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From PayingWriterJobs at yahoogroups.com

Saw this ad posted at PayingWriterJobs at yahoogroups.com and thought some folks on my flist might be interested:

Reply to: job-111413135@craigslist.org

Part-time Paid Sci-Fi/Conspiracies Blogger

http://www.talktheory.com/blog is a popular site that focuses on strange
theories, conspiracies and unusual people and events. This site is
owned an managed by E.I. Works, a new media consultancy that runs
several successful content, niche, bog, and community sites.

We are looking for a few experienced writers to join our cutting-edge
team to perform the duties of a part-time Political Blogger for our blog
which can be found at www.talktheory.com

What: This is a fun and easy job for anyone who wants to make extra
money by simply blogging on the Internet. This job is perfect for you
if you are a great writer, and you like to chat or blog on the web.

Job Description: You will be responsible for writing, editing and
managing content on www.talktheory.com. You will also be required to
brainstorm with our team to develop new content. You will also be
required to write blog posts and pages based on a daily/weekly list of
topics that we provide. In addition, you will have to cross-promote and
write for TalkTheory's sister site www.grandconspiracy.com.

Requirements: The most important requirement is that you must be an
excellent writer. While we prefer someone with a college degree, we
would consider any applicants who display excellent writing skills.
Your work must be free from grammatical and spelling errors. Most
importantly, your work must be written by you alone, and it must be 100%
original. No copying, plagiarism and stealing others' content will NOT
be tolerated. We prefer someone who has some familiarity with basic
HTML tags, however, you would usually use a very easy text editor to
submit most of your posts.

You will be required to write an average of at least one (2) pages,
posts or articles (Blog Units) per day -- 60 unique Blog Units per
month. A typical Blog Unit is between 250 to 700 words. Visit
www.talktheory.com and take a look around to see if you are willing to
do this type of writing.

Payment: Payment is based on the number of unique Blog Units that you
create. You will be paid between $2 to $7 per Blog Unit (based on a
sliding scale). All work must be written by you. You are not allowed
to filter the work out to other writers, companies or freelancers. You
will obviously make more money if you are a smart and fast writer. We
can either pay you by corporate check, or via PayPal.

Target Worker: This is part-time work that is best suited for students,
freelance writers, stay-at-home parents or workers, and retired folks
looking to make some extra money.

Application: To apply for this position simply reply to this post with
some background information about you. Tell us why we should select
you for this position, and paste your bio or resume into the body of the
email message.

* Compensation: $2 to $7 per post
* no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job
* no -- Please, no phone calls about this job!
* no -- Please do not contact job poster about other services,
products or commercial interests.
* yes -- Reposting this message elsewhere is OK.



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Nov. 21st, 2005 05:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds like fun, but I think I would have to first drown my sense of irony in order to do it. Also, an add that admonishes one about having perfect grammar is easier to take seriously if the add itself is free of grammatical errors.
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