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Woo-hoo chance of a lifetime!

Your Ref #: 5121190
Reply to: mikevern@financier.com

You have been approved for our loan program that we offer to international Businessmen and Reputed personnel. This loan program will last for a very short time. You are guaranteed for $1,000,000.00 to $20,000,000.00 US Dollars for up to 30 years of monthly payments with fixed 2% APR.

This loan program is designed to give growing small companies and reputed businessmen and women an opportunity to achieve their objectives and goal.

You have been approved for this life time opportunity. Please put your reference number 5121190 in your reply. Do not forget to include your full name current direct phone & fax number, full personal or company address for final processing.
This not a Spam or junk mail. Please treat with urgency.

Reply to mikevern@financier.com for more details.


Mike Vern

Look at that, he even says this is not spam or junk mail, so this must be a valid loan program. I'll e-mail him right away! Cranky editorial question -- do I fall under the category "reputed businessmen" or did I just get this because I'm a woman? What a broad (pun not intended) range of people they're making this special offer to! Maybe I'm just "reputed personnel" -- but what am I reputed for?

Signing off so that I can send this chap all of my personal information and get my twenty million dollars!



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Jun. 6th, 2004 05:45 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... lemme see... teeth, lips, gums, tongue, four hooves, tail, and mane... ye-up! You're looking a gift horse in the mouth... [beg = big evil grin]

Don't want to burst your bubble but I got one of those eloquent emails about a week ago and was in a tizzy for I don't know how long trying to remember when I applied. [abeg = another beg]

Oh, well. Enjoy the money ... with your business venture now under control, the world is your oyster. Bon Apetite!
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